Friday, January 24, 2003

Having a poopy day, blogger. I just have reached my peak for allowed stupidity in my life. *** drove me nuts when I was ****, and now i'm not, and he STILL drives me nuts. Possibly MORE nuts. Because he's STILL being a ***** idiot, and now i have his compatriot &&&&& to deal with on the $$$ $$$$. $$ $$$ sucked because of the isolation, but that isolation also served as an idiot barrier. I just can't really even fathom the stupidity of those around me. I dont pretend to be smart, but god-damnit, i'm not an idiot. And y'know, every village has a village idiot. But this village doesn't have one, it has many. It's like we need a village "normal guy" Did you ever feel like you were going to drown in stupidity? I'm drowning in it. Languishing even.

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