Thursday, July 17, 2003

Dear Bloggy,

James got a job today, which is cool. He can stop working in the hell place he is currently working in. ************* Oh the tortures of human existance!!

I want to be a toaster.

Toasters don't have these problems. The toast comes in, the toast is toasted, and the toast pops out. The toaster has preformed it's primary job function without the head appliance making sure their footware is up to department standard, or toast-eaters complaining that the toasting policy is unfair, that it shouldn't take two minutes to have a medium-toasted bagle, that it's unacceptable, and they wish to talk to the head appliance.

And while the head appliance is a brand new shiny blender with pretty sharp blades, the head appliance will never use said sharp blades and chop up the mean, nasty, toast-eater in defence of the poor pittiful toaster, they just promise to reprimand the toaster for the kitchen's official policy of requiring that all requests for medium-toasted bagles require two minutes for processing.

And thats why i'm bitter. Toast.

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