Monday, August 18, 2003

Trying to blog regularly. I'm going to try really hard. Got some stuff from the therapist today. The first thing was a breathing exercize for when i have panic attacks. Basically, it was breathing the way I do for singing. I didn't say anything about how i already knew how to do that, but i'd try to do it when i was paniced, because i didn't know how to say "i know how to do this already," and interrupt. Which leads to the next packet i got--being assertive. I tend to let stuff go and let stuff go and let stuff go, until i explode.

Hopefully i can actually do that, and keep up with it, and that'll be that. consistancy is the hardest thing for me. doing anything and doing it every day is a challenge. not sure why. i'm a procrastinator, and some things i just forget...
oh well. More as it develops.


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