Friday, October 17, 2003

Ok, i'm feeling a little better since i did the gym thing durring lunch. Guess thats how it's gunna be gunna have to go durring lunch from now on.

Anyways... that website... here're my thoughts...

When I was a kid (like seventh grade) I used to hate Wesley Crusher because he was sooo damned perfect. And whiney. Man, if I was whiney like that... damnit, i was WAY too uncool to be whiney like that. But anyways, he was a nerd who always had all the answers, and he was like not old enough to shave but he was on the bridge of the Enterprise?? what the hell was up with this shit? THATS NOT FAIR!!!I get beat up with seatbelts on the way to school every day, and he's chillin' with Picard on the bridge sippin' an earl grey.

Flash forward to many years later. I am wiser and yet no cooler. I realize that little "nice" and "cute" prodigy kids are real. There are kids with their act together (too bad I wasn't one of them) with great things going for them. But like every E! True Hollywood story, I now realize there's a dark side. And I don't mean the drugs, or the booze, or the Beverly Crusher going all Mommy Dearest on poor little Wesley in the still of the night...

I'm talking about what you never saw on screen. I'm talking about the part where Wesley saves the ship... maybe the Federation...possibly the universe...AGAIN, and Picard and Riker give him a congradulatory pat on the back. Wesley waves goodbye to everyone on the bridge, steps into the lift, the door swooshed closed, and takes him back towards his quarters. The door slides open again, and the proud hero's face falls. Waiting outside the lift are Guido, Robbie and Bob. The other crewmen's kids that you never see on that ship. And they look pissed.

Oversized, buzz-cut Guido holds him down, Robbie and Bob work out their frustrations. "Mr. Perfect Wesley Crusher, who's always saving the day!" Robbie grinds out in frustration. Bob gives him a thunk on the head for good measaure, mentioning how his dad wishes he could be more like Wesley.

After the third punch, Wesley spits blood and all the air evacuates his lungs. Guido drops him with a grunt on the carpeted hallway floor and leans down next to him and tells Girly-man Crusher that if he tells anyone what happened, he'll find himself on the wrong side of an air lock. So he'd just better tell his mommy he got thrown around a little too hard on the bridge, because they knew where he slept at night.


yes. That's my analysis. Wesley needed beat up more. There ARE reprocussions for being the kid who saves the ship.


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