Monday, October 20, 2003

So. Been a long weekend. Saturday we decided to stop over my mom's and see if mary wanted to go to kennywood because she didn't get to go last year or this year the times i've taken people. No one was home, and just as i was on my way out of the house, after making said determination, Jen and Charlie came up the alley and they were like what's going on? what're you doing here? you have to leave, mom and dad are fighting... So we left the house so that mom wouldn't see us actually IN the house while they were gone, and we just said we'd just got there (which we had. like two minutes earlier than i let on. stupid that i have to make these distinctions). And aparently mom just snapped and couldn't hold her anger in any more and was screaming and saying things that my brother has deemed "unrepeatable." Sooooo they ended up taking her to western psych after much crying and neeping and nawing. and she's been there since. and she gets mad every time she sees dad. i know she's getting frustrated with all the "groups." I know she wants individual attention. I think she's always felt a little passed over. I think she'd really appreciate someone just spending the time with her. So.
Then we went to fright night. too many teenagers. well, too many peeps in general. Lines were WAY longer than they usually are in the park (well, when we go. we usually go in may on a tuesday).
Um... what else? nothing much really.


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