Thursday, January 15, 2004

wow. been about a month since i blogged. Someday i'm going to get blog going on my mac. just too lazy to figure out anything more complicated than clicking on the B on the google tool bar.

so... if fat's supposed to keep you warm, why am i so damned cold all the time.

mmm well, besides it being winter and all. but i come inside and it takes me like 8 hrs to warm up. im finally feeling good at 6am from coming in the house at 5pm the night before, and it's time to go back out into the cold. and i spend all day being cold at work. my feet're so damned cold.

whatever. so i'm starting preperations to write a novel. i'm doing a little research and laying a litle background work down. i think i'm serious about this :) i figure hey, what's the worst that can happen?? i end up with 350 pages of fanfic that's not a fanfic of anything. So either i can get warm fuzzies from entertaining people on the web, or i can get paid by entertaining people in paper. hopefully i can entertain people in paper. that'd be cool to get even a small bit of money. that means you're a writer. cuz someone paid you for it.

what else... well, i deleted my Kings of Chaos account a while ago... then i forgot to eat people for about three weeks and lost my vampires! account. Also rapidly losing interest in Not really digging on being morally/politically lectured every other post. I dont like it when people treat me like I'm a bad person for being a registered Republican. Any more than i'm sure people enjoy being treated like they're horrible people for being Democrats. There's a reason why religion and politics are taboo subjects. It's because MOST people can't talk about it in an objective manner. This includes politicans and religious alike.

bla bla bla.

ok... so here's my big bla bla bla spiel for the day. guess that makes up for a month of not writing.

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