Friday, February 13, 2004

Well, both my husband and I are twits, and couldn't wait to give part of our valentines day gifts early... I wanted like a ring or something, but the dude bought me an awesome butterfly necklace/earring set (and some other piece of jewlery that i dont get till tomorrow) and I bought him batarangs, and something else equally cool that he can't have till tomorrow. Sadly, two second out of the package, and he promptly cut himself with the batarang. Nothing says luvin like drawing blood on a holiday. I think this is the first and last expensive valentines day. but it's cool to do it once, and we were mutually into it. I have jewlery that I can wear to my job with their dress code, and he has somethinig he can kill himself (or others) with.

Next year we're going back to action figures (i got an awesome Silent Bob action figure for christmas).

It's a day to show some extra special affection for someone. Doesn't even have to be the one you're with. Before I met my husband, I gave my sibilings valentines every year.

Then again, I believe in celebrating everything. Life is short, and it's DIFFICULT. Celebrate small victories, small holidays, making it to the end of a harrowing day at work. buy HIM flowers. Get a souvinier from an amusement park. Make your mom a home-made card. Life's passed you by and friends and family have passed into and out of your life before you blink. Give 'em to your friends, give 'em to your family... action figures, tiny pewter frogs... something to look at and say I remember when so and so gave this to me.

I just hear so many people complaining about this holiday, and how they dont have anyone to spend it with. Go find someone. I'm not saying go to a bar and pick someone up... but there're people in your life, friends, family... show them a little extra special lovin' tomorrow.

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