Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I'm watching Opera After the Show (cringe, james, cringe) and this guy's talking about dieting and eating out, etc. and he's absolutly right, if something doesn't sell, places like McDonalds arn't going to carry it. McDonalds wouldn't sell hamburgers if people wern't buying them. If we want McDonalds to change, WE have to change. They want to make a profit, so they will change with us.

I worked out today and i'm praud o' myself. I hope I start seeing some REAL results. The only thing that I had today off the boat was some dried fruits. I just want to be healthy.

Another thing that this guy said that he struck me is that we're always going to have trouble with the way we eat if we don't handle the emotional issues of why we eat... the people, ourselves and our own choices... whatever negative feelings and thoughts that drive us to the cubbord to try and numb ourselves.

Hopefully God and my therapist can get me through this and to the other side :)


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