Monday, March 15, 2004

The Onion A.V. Club | Feature

Today's link.

It's a little weird. but it speaks to my human condition. Whales, man. The WHALES... taste like GOLDFISH!! AHAHAHA.

I'm sooo tired. Life is sSOOO less easy to deal with when you've had enough sleep. I'm tired of being abused by customers. Do they get off the phone with me, and feel good about themselves because they treated some "know-nothing" systems analyst like shit?? I wonder, man. Honestly, they should be kissing our feet. They wouldn't be calling our asses if they knew what the hell they were doing on their computers. we are the only people who can save them from themselves and their own stupidity, and we don't even get treated like human beings. No. They just do their best to make you feel two feet tall. Aarg.


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