Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Sooo... here's my gripe. People who think they're entitled to something. People who think that they're entitled to extra privelages people who think they're entitled to special prievelages because they're american.... or becuase they're not american and americans owe them something... shut the **** up, all of you. We come into this world with nothing, and we leave with nothing. now you can be amiable when you are here, possibly work for the common good, but work HONESTLY for every single thing that you have and not cheat anyone, oppress or put anyone down to get what you have... or you can be a whiney little starfish jack--- with grubby little hands and go gimmy gimmy gimmy and always try to get something for nothing and try to make everyone around you feel like shit so that you can feel marginally good about yourself. I'd like to be christian about this type of behavior, but I am finding it hard to. You are not entitled to treat me like crap. you are not entitled to a handout, or anything else your deranged mind thinks it has earned. Just go sit in your corner and whine yourself into oblivion. The rest of us are going to try to get an honest day's wages by doing an honest day's work.

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