Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Isn't this just the cutest little person you've ever seen?

I haven't written too much lately. I've been pretty depressed. I've been ofoff my meds for about three or four weeks, and I can definately see the difference. Started a huge fight with James yesterday (for which i still feel really bad) I just feel like life is out of control. The money situation is just awful. Losing $700-$800 a month definately cuts into my ability to test the positive effects of money on my happiness. I want my meds back!! I wanna be level headed again. On another note, I think I'm going to try to talk to Fr. Thom on Sunday to see if he has any ideas about what i can do about my... familial problem. It's not so much mine. Well, the part that's mine is the gut-wrenching pain of watching my sibilings suffer.


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