Friday, April 02, 2004

So... last night i was pretty bummed about our tire situation. All four wheels need replaced. Dang aluminum wheels. anyways... I told james we'd haveta rely on God for an answer, because I sure as heck didn' thave one. Nor do i have $1400-$2000 to replace all the tires and wheels... so i missed the bus this morning (doh) and ended up talking to ted, and he offered to help us out big time. He found the parts we needed used (and steel at that). He's also going to float us the cost of the tires and wheels till next month. He went to pick 'em up now. Joel helped out by taking James to work today so he didn't have to walk up that long hill. God gave us some pretty good friends. Gotta make 'em an appreciation dinner this week.


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