Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Hobbit family
Your ideal Middle-Earth parents are Samwise and
Rosie! This makes you a hobbit. You have tons
of brothers and sisters, which means that there
is always somebody cool to hang out with.
However, it also means that you have to watch
your younger siblings more than youd probably
like. Your last name is Gardener and you get
to live in Bag End! Remember the Gaffer? He is
your Middle-Earth Granddaddy!

Your Middle-Earth mama is centered and strong, but
has been known to be a little bossy at times.
Dont get on her bad side and you should be just
fine. She is a very busy hobbit, what with all
you children to look after!

Your Middle-Earth dad is as wonderful as they come.
He loves to garden (and probably has you help
him with the flowers), is an excellent cook
(which comes in handy with the eight square
meals a day that hobbits eat), and has been
elected Mayor of Hobbiton on more than one
occasion. Also, he is an expert
spider-fighter, so if you see one in the middle
of the night you can count on your Middle-Earth
dad to protect you!

I hoped you like my quiz. Please rate it, okay?

Which Lord of the Rings couple would be your dream parents? Pictures and longish answers.
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uhh... ok.

I dunno. I just take quizilla quizes and post the results when i really don't have anything to blog. I keep being poor because the car senses when it's my pay day, so it' breaks down. which is irritating. thats stressful. i'm outta welbutrin and i'm not going back to that psychiatrist because i can't stand him, or any of the people over at WPIC. I'm just bummed a whole bunch.


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