Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Been a couple days since I blogged. i get all like dressed up really nice, and run the six blocks to the bus stop because i am perpetually running late, and looking spiffy takes time, and i get there and the security meeting's been rescheduled because the dude from security is sick.

Slept till 1 today. that was quality sleeping. I know james'll be pissed. he thinks i sleep too much. What can I say. i'm just so much more functional when i have 8 or 9 hrs.

He was the posterboy for male PMS this morning. He was listening to the radio and i got a little upset because it was interfering with my sleep. its *so* hard for me to get to sleep, it's even harder to *stay* asleep, and he's all mad that i dont appreciate when he's being a roadblock to that whole continued sleep thing. And he's mad I dont get up and have coffee with him in the morning (sleep thing) and he's mad that he has to come get me at night, which means he has to stay up till midnight. I know he'd be much happier if i took a bus down town then took another bus home. Of course *I* wouldn't get home till 2 am, but hey, he'd be in bed by 11:30. and he's mad that i get off work at midnight. i'll be done at 10 starting june 1st, but he's making a big deal now. aarg. yeah. whatever.

watched From Dusk Till Dawn last night. Would have been better if they'd have just let Tarentino direct it. It would have still been disjointed but it would have been good disjointed instead of bad disjointed. Or something. Dunno.

Migrane. Novel not going good. comics sorted but left the story i was editing on the bed, and my comments are due today. and I had a "mishap" with M$ Money. oh well, if he's so bright, he can figure it out.


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