Monday, May 24, 2004

Why am I related to these people?

I hate people. I despise people with an undying passion. I despise idiots who will get an e-mail forward telling them to delete files on their computer because they're a secret virus that norton and mcaffee can't detect. So of course they look for the files and delete them, on they're SYSTEM FILES that they need. Why do they do this? Because they got the e-mail forwarded to them from their friend Bill, or their cousin Peggy. Of COURSE these people are to be trusted, right?? RIGHT??


Because not a single one of you, all the way back to the person who got this from the e-mail's originator bothered to check the legitimacy of the e-mail contents. The file exists, therefore the rest of the e-mail must be true.

Yes, it exists you half-witt, because it's a REAL FILE someone is trying to trick you into deleting.

I have no patience. God grant me patience,because I want to set people like this on fire. A lot. I really really really really really hate people and I need divine intervention to keep from exploding right now, because these people DO this, and propigate it, and who do they call for a resolution to the fact that they farked their own computer??? WHO DO YOU THINK!!!!

I go back and forth from wanting to stab them to wanting to stab myself in these situations.


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