Friday, June 25, 2004

Jen has some interesting comments on the office and my coworkers:

"I like your little friends, they are nice , but I think they spend too much time in that little room, they start to get all "sunlight sunlight!" And they look like those puppies that have never seen people before. But puppies are nice. Anyway, the next guy who calls, answer the phone 'Peppies Pizza, what do you want?"

I find her to be greatly amusing.

"How about 'I'm sorry, there is a really angry badger in my desk, please hold.' and then you can start screaming into the little head set 'oh god why!!! help help!! and such. They will never call back."

If only it were that simple.

"Ok, here's a good one when you get bored, make sure everyone else in the office is taking calls and then run around playing duck duck goose with everyone that way they can't yell at you cuz they're on the phone."

Brilliant. I may try that.

In the words of Mr. Chekov "Where do you keep your nuclear wessles?" (I make no claims as to the exact wording of that quote. Call it a paraphrase if it will keep me from being lynched by a bunch of people who've memorized Star Trek 4).


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