Friday, June 04, 2004

Otter Green

This made me laugh. Kids're funny. Kids with blogs are even funnier.

I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter last night. I was dragging my butt this morning but it was SO worth it. It's way more fun to geek out with a bunch of people who share your passion than to wait and go durring the Friday night rush of a bunch of people who're just going to see a movie because it's something to do on a friday night.

James and I have sort of stopped going to movies unless it's something we grok. It's just not fun. We have to deal with rude patrons, theatre malfunctions, a long drive, expensive tickets, even MORE expensive food ($23 for last night's consession stand run!!) and and the general badness that somehow associates with the four to five hours taken out of a day to drive to a theatre and go through the whole ritual.

Anyways... we were pretty nerd-tacular. We found really cheap maroon and gold sweaters at this store ($8 a piece), and we got some really neat looking plastic wands (that also make sounds), and we got some really great reactions. Lots of teenagers there, some college students. It was cool to see the movie with actual FANS instead of just folks going because it's ingraned in them to see movies they may or may not want to see. Lots of kids in home-made or party store bought robes, it was fun. We also went to the Midnight release of book 5 at B&N. I guess everyone needs a hobby.

The movie itself was awesome. It was great to see the style evolve with the new director. I have a sincere feeling that if they don't keep trying to evolve, they're going to fall into a rut/pattern and become uninteresting. I think switching directors was a great idea. Besides the fact that you'll just go insane keeping the kind of schedule doing all 7 movies would require you to keep (I still hope the kids are able to do all seven movies. I'd be SO happy if that were to be the case).

I wasn't quite sure how it managed to squeak by with a PG rating. The people complaining it needs a PG-13 rating have a legitimate beef.

Fave moments:

"You're going to suffer, but you'll be happy about it?"

"You tell those spiders, Ron!"

Harry and Lupin on the bridge.

Hagrid's tie.

Serius asking Harry to come live with him.

Hermione telling Harry that no one is going to come.

The style of the credits--Filches cat's footprints crossing paths with a bird's footprints and fading off the Marauders Map--and the closing statement from Harry, "mischief managed!"

There's something about Harry Potter that always makes me a little teary-eyed. I don't know what it is. J.K.R. has created a fabulous and rich world. It's so detailed and well-thought out that it is rather enjoyable to spend time there. It's one of my distractions of choice.

I'm probably going to go see it tomorrow again. I don't think Jen's seen it yet, and I know my mom wants to see it. Never hurts to see stuff again and again until you know every word ;)

I'm also having a poor month. Isn't that exciting? Jen and Charlie's graduation is on sunday. not clear as to why it's on a sunday, but it means I get to go so I'm not complaining too badly.


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