Friday, June 25, 2004 Greetings and Funpages

the part that i find disturbing about this is that people find it cute/amusing.

Jen has a bright career as an analyst. Some responses she has for typical customer issues:

"hello this is the help desk how can i help you, no sir , im sorry that your a moron but can you go away so i can finish my game of mojong in peace"

" you cant get your e-mail? well just read some bad harry potter fan fic, im sure that will take your mind off of it"

"whats that your computer eat your disk, will if you feed it more often maybe it wouldnt do that"

She says "I could have hours of fun."

No, probably only about twenty five minutes, until management found out you were just saying what was on everyone elses' mind and fire you. I don't mean terminate your employment. I mean set you on fire. The end result is still the same, you're no longer on the phone as they no longer have to pay you, but depending on mass, body fat index and the flamability of your clothing, you can keep the office warm for a very long time. Which is important when they have to keep the place as cold as the tundra because of all the servers and junk. I've lost several toes and a finger--but dammit, I can play Quake on this 486.



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