Thursday, July 15, 2004

BTW, despite my car looking yuck, i got my license today. it was awesome driving back and forth and stuff. it rocked. we drove up to the place for like an 8:30 appt, and i ended up getting there a little late so the girl scheduled after me went first. I dont think she passed because the guy went inside and didn't come out for a while.

Soooo i parallel parked again. He didn't even ask me for a few things the last guy did. which is juuuuust fine. no "clean the windshield" stuff and no 3 point turn. Rock on.

I felt like i'd graduated the jedi academy when he said take your permit and go stand in line A.

Soooo i had james drive home because i was so excited i was afraid i'd wet myself or crash. We came home, I made omlettes, and then i drove him to work. Then i stopped in at my office to brag. Then i went to my mom's house, cuz i had to brag, and then i took them to the waterworks so we could go to wally world and the bank.

Charlie deposited some graduation money and said "that was fun, lets do it again." God bless you, kid, if you think saving money is fun. May you save many many moneys in your life time until you spend it on a trip to russia and a house with a brook running through it. That's what the american dream's all about.

Back to the awesomeness of driving by myself in a car: then I took them home, went to the dollar store and picked up some cool little things for my cube and then i came up to work.

But wait... there's more!!!

Then I drove to pick james up at dinner time. And we drove home, and i got to like sit on my own couch and eat dinner and it rocked. and shizzle. and thennnnn i drove back here. then i'm going to drive home tonight.

Rok On.


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