Thursday, July 15, 2004

Did you ever notice if you peal back the wrapper of a blow pop, it never comes off all the way, the bottom stays wrapped around the stick like a cape. SUPER SUCKER!!!

On a seperate note...

I've been too ticked off to even blog about this. Sunday night we were coming home from church (by way of a Blockbuster drop off, and an icecream break at kings) and got rammed from behind by some lady in a big Dodge truck.

We were stopped at a stop light long enough for me to ask James when he was off this coming week, so he could get the scratches in the front buffed off. Just as I was about to suggest he make an appointment for the car on saturday, we got nailed. No screaching sounds, nothing. Just BOOM, what the hell was that?

And woh. Seatbelt=good thing. We got thrown forward from the line you're supposed to stop on all the way to the crosswalk. And we got slammed forward then back in our seats. The back of the car looks totally nasty, and the trunk doesn't seal all the way even though it's closed. I'm sure the trunk's all flooded out and stuff now with all the rain we've been getting.

Anyways, James goes to get her insurance info, and the lady's shaking the paper so he can't write, etc. He gets the policy number, her name and the name on the car registration. Couldnt get the insurance co. or the license plate #, she took off as soon as she could.

Turns out the policy is fake/they can't match the policy number to an actual company. So, i'm stuck with a $500 deductable.

Mon. i took off work, and was bored at around 11:30 so i started searching on the internet for these people. Turns out there're only 12 Joe Schmoes in this city, and ONE of them lives on the street where the accident happened. Turns out there's two Jane Schmoettes in the state, and the one that lives in this city was arrested last January for auto insurance fraud.

Which is great and all, but if they dont have real insurance, then i'm still out $500. IF i'm gunna pay $500 i want the broad to go to jail.


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