Thursday, July 01, 2004


I love this lady's blog, but the more I read, the more I understand how she was hurt by religion. I always get mad and indignate for these people. It's always SO hanous to me when people use religion to hurt and hinder other people because that's not what it's about. That's why people think that all of us religious folks are hateful wackos. Because of the 1% of the population who've got the wrong fricking idea, but they happen to SCREAM THE LOUDEST ABOUT THEIR VIEWS.

I think the "fundamentalist" mentality, and the people who's opinion of morality, themselves, and others is SO loud that they end up hurting people and beating them to death with their bibles, opinions or other religious artifacts, is all about taking the EASY way out

It's WAY easier to be judgmental than compassionate. It's WAY easier to say THAT was wrong... YOU are wrong. YOU are a bad person than to say that it WASNT the right decision, or that isn't a mentality that I think folks should subscribe to.

I think it IS spiritual laziness, because it takes the burden of patience, understanding, actually listening to someone and getting to know them, and trying to teach by living off of the individual.

Of course, I know most people just don't see what they're doing. I'm not sure how self-aware most of us are, but I think that's most of the problem.

Basically we're all imperfect and trying to do our best, and some folks' personal philosophy not only aint helping themselves, but is deturring and hurting everyone around them.


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