Tuesday, July 27, 2004

i'm really depressed today. I've been depressed the last few days. Its kind of a thing thats just been getting worse and worse the last few weeks. i just dont think i can do anything right and i'm sad and depressed that i'm incompetent. i can't write, i can't do anything. everything i do sucks and is completely unsatisfying. honestly, i'd just like to cease existing because that seems like a logical and sensable alternative to existing and being this upset and sad all the time. it doesn't feel like it'll get any better and i'd really just not live if that's the case. i can't function any more. i'm tired of being expected to function. i just want to go curl up in the bottom of my closet and not come out. i need three things to functin properly that i'm not getting now 1) enough sleep 2) proper nutrition 3) exercise. and that person i live with doesn't see this as a problem. it's frustrating.


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