Monday, July 19, 2004

Its funny... I was driving home yesterday thinking of how badly I needed a nap, and how easily I get emotional when I'm sleep deprived. Yesterday James told my mother a bunch of things I never wanted her to know. When I get all upset that he did it, and instead of being sorry that he did it, instead of being sorry that he hurt me, or being sorry that he broke my trust, because I had told him repeatedly that I didn't want her to know. He didn't discuss it with me, and let me deal with my issues about it before hand... he just did it. That hurts. But he's not sorry that he did something that hurt me, which is the thing that REALLY hurts and kills me. He said he's sorry that I'm upset. He said he's not sorry for what he's done. That is what upsets me. So i'm still really hurt and he's really not done anything to make it better but to blame me for my feelings, and use the "oh T's crazy" thing to absolve himself of being responsible for hurting me. It's a crappy excuse and I don't accept it.


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