Monday, August 02, 2004

had a busy weekend. saturday night we went to see the lord of the rings symphony. Alan Shore was conducting, and he did a question and answer period before hand. learned some stuff. it was funny to see... the higher up the seats went, the nerdier it got. The top was filled with kids in hot topic aragorn shirts and home made elven cloaks.

Elizabeth Jane was in the chorus, which was cool. She said that Alan Shore was really cool about everything, and would give them lots of thumbs up and encouraging words and stuff durring the performances. I think we both noticed that he's kind of a bad conductor. his arms're always pinned to his side. She says that what he lacks in arm movement, he makes up for in facial expression and energy.

Sunday we saw Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle, which was absolutely awesome. I laughed really really hard, and I needed that. We also saw The Villiage which was awesome. Awesome ending. i saw it coming from the beginning, but the adventure was in getting there.

Driving home we were stuck on Washington Bvd with the itty bitty penis brigade. I think the lower your car sits to the ground and the thinner your tires are, and the bigger your wheels are, the smaller your penis is. The jerks certainly drive like it. mmmm i'm tired and i need a nap. the end


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