Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Ok, here's a list of stufff tammy wants to do:

1) go to kennywood

2) spend a night in the hotel in monroville that has the hot tub in the room

3) visit the natural history/art muesum

4) visit the science center and see something on the omnimax screen

5) visit the andy warhall museum

6) visit the heritage center

7) go to gettysburg

8) go to hershey

9) go to valley forge

10) go to philadelphia

11) see: second city, reduced shakespere company, dracula, the producers maybe les miserables, madem butterfly and turnendot this season.

12) go camping in a national park and actually get to see all that nature stuff

13) go to niagra falls

14) go to disney world and universal studios

15) leave the country and go some place that's not canada, well possibly canada if it's not just niagera.

other stuff too but that's all i can think of right now.


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