Thursday, August 26, 2004

Well, some stuff changed here. That's the funny thing about life. Ever-changing and all that (damn American English and our abuse of the hyphenated word system!).

1) The blinds must now stay closed at all times.

I'm not sure if this is funny or sad. My first office was in a projection booth. Which would have been cool if you were able to look down into the auditorium it went with, but the windows were painted over.

We found out we were getting a new office, and we were promised windows. Took us something like a year to actually move over there, maybe a year and a half. No windows. Office in basement. I cry deep inside.

They moved us out of town, to a 1 level, no basement building with windows. We are very hopeful.

A month before move-in, hope begins to fade: Ted sends digital pictures of Facilities Management drywalling over some of his section's windows.

Hope restores: Ted assures me it is just ted's part of the building.

Temporary relief: we arrive and there are four windows only partially obstructed by cubicle walls in our area. There is great rejoicing.

Yesterday: we were told the blinds will forever remain closed. My joy fades. There is now a barrier between me and the summer sun and the green (but not for too much longer) trees.

Today I decided to take a peek between the blinds, just to find out what would happen. I began to pull back the blind, but my over-excited imagination saw the scene playing before me--a sniper on the small hill on our grounds putting one between the eyes, and the force throws me to the left, and I smash against John's cubicle.

So I just went back to my cubicle and sat down.


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