Wednesday, August 25, 2004

What Makes People Cheat%3F

This is an interesting article about cheating. Yes, cheating is on the rise in this culture, surprise surprise. Athletes, CEO's, people boosting a better cable package than they're paying for.

I think some of it is a shift in morality. We might see outright theft as being bad, but we don't mind cutting corners. You wouldn't steal razors from walmart, but if they forget to ring you up, you arn't going to go back and pay for them a second time.

You may even justify yourself saying "oh well, their loss" or "I don't have time to go back," or "they have enough money already." I can say all these things ran through my head. I was half an hr meeting someone, but I went back because GOD would know, and I would know, and I would be disappointed in myself. That's a circumstance in which honesty won out for me.

I think there's also a matter of desperation. I think as a society, we are a desperate people, where, I'd argue, we were a hopeful people. We could rely on certain things in the past, that hard work would be rewarded, that good would triumph over evil (acts, attitudes, what have you) and that if WE were moral people, our moral/good acts would be reciprocated by karma, or at least a general atmosphere of goodness in the community/society we lived in.

Now days, you can work 40 years at the same place, and they'll fire you two months before retirement so they don't have to pay out on your pension. I think we're desperate for security. I think we're desperate for belonging. That extra cable package isn't something to work harder for, because our hard work might not even be rewarded, it's something to placate us, and the fact that no one notices we exist, that we're a cog in our organization, and that it may all be gone tomorrow.

Yeah, we have a lot in this country, we have a lot of blessings that we take for granted, and we might be confusing want and need on many areas (do I want a cell phone, or do I need a cell phone?) But I think there's a certain psychological or emotional need. Some hole we're trying to fill.

And that's my opinion for the day. More opinions to be sprinkled liberally like mini chocolate chips on the sundae of life.


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