Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Been a while since I blogged. Work's been insane since the students returned. I joined Curves, and I've been going every day that they're open. If they were open on Sundays, I'd be going on Sundays too :) They were closed yesterday, so I decided to go jogging, but I called to see if my brother wanted to come with, and we ended up talking each other (and most of my family) into going up to Squall Valley park. Lets see, we hiked further on that trail than I have ever been (and it's almost vertical at the beginning)--and even places that wern't exactly "on the trail." I got anal retentive about crossing the creek and taking my shoes off (I guess it would have been too much work or something) so we built a bridge out of rocks. Big, heavy rocks. And made it across. My clothes are filthy thanks to that. And I hit the tennis ball around with Charlie, then Mary for about half an hr till it was time to pick up James. I accomplished all this insanity in an hr and a half. Oh yeah, and I walked twice around the entire park, sans baseball field, while I was waiting for them to arrive. Aparently Charlie dragging everyone out for exercise, and getting mom to stop at Walmart for tennis balls means "go in and buy junk food" to mom. Then we went over mom's house and Charlie grilled. The boy has mad-grilling skills. He made some really tender steaks, and some tasty hamburgers. Coated them in something, and also put some kind of spice on 'em. They wuz rilly gewd ;)

Then James and I came home. I took a shower AND a bath because I was so dirty and so sore, then we both layed down to rest a little, and woke up at 6:30 am. And that was that.


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