Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Deep thought for the day:

I posted this over in someone elses' comments about reinvention:

"I don't know if guys go through this, but girls reinvent themselves every time they put on clothes :) Some days I wear my power suits of great evil, sometimes I'm nature chick with my pink tank top, jean shorts and hiking shoes. Sometimes I look like I'm trying to hault the impending onslaught of the mid-twenties by dressing like a hot-topic reject (oxymoron, i know, but bare with me). Enjoy the reinvention :) Whenever I find a version of me that I'm happy with, I'll stick with it for five minutes. Or, I guess, what really has to happen is that I have to be happy with me. Then I'll stop trying to be a camellion."

Yeah, I think the end of that there really was kind of the heart of how I'm feeling right now. I think I spent a whole lot of time trying to figure out who I am, and which version of me is the real me, is it the occational punk girl, or martha stewart, or hiking girl, or couch potato girl, or computer guru girl, or church girl, or old boring married lady, or comic book mutant lady, aspiring writer lady, or what.

I've decided I'm all that stuff. So it's not really about reinvention and finding out which me I am. I guess it's about embrasing and nurturing all of them, and letting them all live together and play nice in my head, and accepting that they all run around up there, frolicking like Jason Todd in there here-after.


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