Thursday, September 30, 2004

Does your auto insurance policy cover acorn damage?

So, I pull into work today, and there're four or five great spots out front of the building. This did set off my "WHY are there spots?" radar, but I didn't see anything amiss. I pulled in and listened to the last little bit of Sean Hannity that I could cram in before I had to be at my desk, chipper, perky, happy to be there, and happy to take the crap being hurled at me by end-users. All was well. Then it began. The high pitched pop of acorns falling at terminal velocity (what IS terminal velocity for an acorn, anyways) and smacking into the few remaining cars.

Did I move my car? I contemplated it, but was lazy, and wanted to make quick egress as soon as lunch hit.

ACORNS. They're just itty bitty, lousy tiny acorns, and they put three pock marks in the glass of my poor innocent Focus that never did anything to anyone.

The thing's covered in sewage dust from the flood, so I'm sure that when I finally get around to washing the thing, I'll find pock marks in the metal too.

Evil little acorns.

Then again, better falling acorns than falling squirrels. I KNOW my insurance doesn't cover acts of rodent.


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