Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I haven't blogged in a while. It's been a crazy week or so. I was off Friday and so I borrowed mom's car to try and start moving, but it was raining so incredibly hard I wasn't sure I was going to get anything loaded, so I went to the gym. While I was doin' my thing, I watched the creek go up and up, and filled the road, and go over the bridge, and across the parkinglot that was a story below. Then the dumpsters from the surrounding businesses started floating down the road. A few minutes after that the owner (who'd brought her kids to watch the water) decided to close the place on the hour. I got to finish up, and then I took off. Traffic got really heavy really quickly, and the further down Freeport road, the more the water was building up. I couldn't get in to Sharpsburg. I was going to take my brother to work, but that was out. I went to Aspinwall to try to start packing and stuff, and that's just when things started to go to hell. Well, that's not true, they'd already gone to hell but I didn't really notice till a) I came home and my basement walls were spraying water and b) I turned on the TV and saw all the flood warnings, and the pictures of all the cars under water, etc.

Here's a picture of afterwords in Etna where Melissa's school and Jen's parish is:

Saturday, the sky was amazingly clear. I've not seen the sky devoid of clouds in a very long time. The flood water was still pretty high. It was five feet in melissa's school and 8 feet in the church basement across the street. I saw it today, the mud line was up to my nose. Everything's ruined. They're closing the school down. The sidewalks on two sides of the activities building was lined with carpets, kitchen equipment, tables, chairs. It's very sad. One corner of the parking lot is entirely full of all the games and stuff we used for the festivals. Mass has been suspended indefinately in the church. It's over there.

I have been feeling a real sense of loss over the church and parish the last few days. Just a sense of "it's over" and all of the friends I made there, and the sense of community we all had surrounding and supporting that school is over, and everyone's going to be scattered to the wind. I know nothing can last forever. That's one of the big lessons of growing up and getting older. It's still kind of traumatic when things change in an instant instead of slowly and almost unnoticably over time.

Melissa is either going to end up at St. Mary's (which doesn't have any financial aid) or Dorsyville (where I'm afraid she'll get lost in the shuffle).

More in a bit.


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