Thursday, September 16, 2004

Well, Charlene is thinking of doing National Novel Writing Month. If she does it, I'll do it with her. 150 pages in 30 days is tough, but realistic, and then I'd at least have a first draft of this evil awful novel that I've had milling around in my head for several years.

I'm sort of in a bad spot. I've been living with this little world in my head for going on four years soon. I see the people who populate it, but I don't know enough about them. We're aquaintances, not friends. Which is bad, when I have to BE all of them at every moment to write this thing. That's part of the problem. And I just psych myself out.

I found a year book from 7th grade when I was packing. I had a teacher (who's name I can't recall) who taught a class called "creative expressions." We did all kinds of cool stuff, and I think for all of my projects, I thought too big and psyched myself out and never did ANY of it because I was worried about doing ALL of it. And she said in my year book to remember to think small. Maybe it's timem to get back to basics and start in on characters again. Get to know those crazy kids.


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