Friday, October 01, 2004

BLOG LOOPING!!!! (and a list of all the things I have to do on a given day)

Quick... someone think of a title! (I apologize. I have no idea why I think blog loops are funny)

This is how my day usually goes:
1) Wake up/drag James out of bed if we have to be somewhere.
2) Trundle down stairs, look for something to eat, become depressed because eating will require actual effort.
3) Go into basement and change out the laundry
4) Ponder again the breakfast issue.
5) Tackle the breakfast issue.
a) wash utensles that are not already clean
b) unload the dishwasher or load the dishwasher to get cluttered dishes out of the way before I cook
6) Kind of clean up after the breakfast issue
7) Find clothes to wear to the gym and to work
8) Whatever else needs done that morning
Possibilities include grocery shopping, errand running, taking a sibiling hither or tither (basically any chore that requires leaving the house)
9) Make sure James is getting ready for work. Sometimes this involves harassing him into the shower, sometimes it involves getting clothes for him so we can get out the door in a decent amount of time.
10) Forrage for food/make food for lunch, gather up plates, silverware, whatever else we need
11) Get James to work on time
12) Go to gym
13) Rush to get dressed and un-stinkified and back to work
14) At lunch, prepare lunch (heating up, etc) or go pick up lunch.
15) Bring back the lunch dishes with me.
16)Make sure I take my pills
17) Come home and ponder the dinner issue/clean up enough that I have a place to cook
18) Make food, this may also include washing whatever I need to actually make it
19) Put food away
20) Wash my face, brush my teeth, floss.
21) Go to bed.

There're other chores that get shoved in ther efrom time to time, as needed. I'm late going home so I will think of them later.


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