Friday, October 15, 2004

Debate Bingo

I can't believe I forgot to blog about this:

Wednesday night Jenn and I went to Lowes at the Waterfront and watched the debate on a big screen with about 300 other Glenn Beck fans, Mr. Glenn Beck himself, and that cutie little round-headed Stu. It was awesome nerdtacular mad-fun. More fun than madness should be. I spent the whole night waiting for someone to say "quagmire" or "Halliburton" for a three way bingo. Shakes hands at the heavens... Why oh why! Why was it the internal policy debate where my card says WMD, Halliburton, "Our troops" and "bilateral talks" all in a row.

Anyways, I got to actually talk to Mr. Glenn Beck, who was awesome enough to invite all of us to stay after and say hello. I was just astounded that he actually talked to everyone and had a conversation. He listened, he asked questions. It was like he actually cared to talk to his fans. I listen to his show, and I'm a big fan, and it was very cool that he is just as sincere in real life as he appears to be on the radio.

We are such nerds that we were too hyper to go home after the debate, so we went to have dessert, and I asked for grilled stickies with "lactose free" icecream, and the girl thrusts the plate at me smartly saying "here's your stickies with the LOW CARB icecream." So what if the low carb icecream also happens to be sugar free and lactose free. One'd think if I'm getting a grilled pastry for heavens sakes that I'm not trying to somehow balance that out with low carb iceream. The battle is lost.

(It's almost as bad as the time I got kicked out of a chatroom because the stupid teenage moderator thought that plebian was a dirty word.)

The end.


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