Sunday, October 17, 2004

Drool puppy

Currently, as we speak, James is managing to accomplish the monumental task of using my leg as a teddy bear AND drool on my arm. THAT takes skill :)

Fortunately work was boring tonight and I accomplished one thing I really wanted to get done--I finished my pumpkin for the contest at Curves. I put a LOT of work into it, and went above and beyond the assignment.

I also managed to write a little. I'm kind of proud of what I wrote. I was comfortable with it. It was definately my voice, and I felt like I'd hit a stride with it (yeah, like anyone cares). I was all proud of it, and James is just like yeah, whatever :) At least Charlene was mostly excited. Such is life, I suppose :)

Lets see... tomorrow, hopefully, I will get to lounge around and do nothing (that's SO hard for me to do). Well, except for washing the car. I'll be so sad if I don't get that accomplished. I wanna vacuum the dirty bastard too. It has all kinds of crunched up leaves on the floor. It looks like someone dumped tobacco in there or something. The filth on the outside is unbearable. It's like it played a baseball game, with the amount of light brown grime all over it.

Jenn said she'd help with the car. Maybe we'll get to stop into goodwill. She needs a skirt for the wedding. Personally, I adore that jean skirt she has, and think with a very dressy blouse she'd be rockin' but that's just me :) Black is good for everything, tho. If she manages to pick up a black knee length skirt, she'll be set for life.

And on a final note, James is also managing to squish my calf between his legs. I can't feel my toes. Time for bed :)

PS, James, remember to take the atlas with us on Friday!!


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