Monday, October 25, 2004

Ok, so, the wedding (The second day)

So, we left late Friday for my cousin's wedding which was Saturday afternoon.

We suceeded in goofing around a royal amount the day of the wedding and not doing anything "productive" like sight seeing. I did, however, get a cute little bag at Value City during our trip to the mall. I painted my nails and they actually dried, and looked fantabulous, except for my left thumb nail which got an enormous goudge in it when I was opening the package my toothbrush was in.

We left about ten minutes later than we were intending, and it wasn't until we were about to get into the car that I realized that my shoes were in Pittsburgh, and I was in Fredrick, MD. So, that left us with a panicked trip to Value City yet again, sitting at some very evil intersections and me saying I'm sorry for being stupid thirty thousand times.

I got an OK pair of shoes. My first pointy toe'd shoes, believe it or not. I guess I got use to them by the end of the night. Which is good because they really hurt my widdle toes :)

We'd have even been on-time for the wedding if we wouldn't have gotten lost... TWICE.

The first time, we got off at the wrong exit. It took sitting at another hellatious light before we could get back on the highway. Next we got off at what we thought was the right exit, but really it was one more exit down, so we drove up and down the street until we found the events complex. That being said, we were only 6 min late.

The wedding was pretty ok, considering it's complete protestantness. It was like it wanted to be catholic when it grew up, with some of the symbolism and such, but it was also wimpy in some ways, like the really diffused sort of language the minister was using.

The minister was wearing this green stoll with all these patches either ironed on or sewn on. It looked like a girlscout vest. It was weird. Especially considering they were for things like John Deer, and Sunoco. I wasn't sure whether I was dealing with Nascar or Junior Scouts.

I got appropriately sniffly durring the exchange of the vows. It makes me think of how much I love James, and how sharing your life with someone is awesome, and it makes me sniffly because I'm happy for them, because they're going to be happy the way I'm happy, and because there's so much happiness that the only response is to get sniffly and cry.

The reception rocked. They had... get this... a fondu FOUNTAIN (three tiers) of CHOCOLATE!!! Lets see, I dunked fruit under the waterfall of warm flowy chocolate (the smell was KILLING me during the cerimony. I wanted to just jump in and go swimming) and marshmellows and graham crackers (over the course of the evening, I assure you. The food was ok/bland, but it looked really darned pretty. The cake was better than birthday cake, but not as good as my wedding cake (almond and anis is the way a good Eye-talian wedding cake should taste).

(Note to self: Ask Ted to e-mail me the pictures of my cake all smashed against the wall--it was still a damned good cake)

And I got to see all my cousins. I haven't seen Jenny and Millie in a long time (years and years). They both looked really good. Wicked thin, just like their mom. God bless their good genetics. The genetics that their chubby brothers didn't seem to inherit (I REALLY need to get those pictures developed).

I had fun with Jenn. Charlie was even NOT a stick in the mud for several portions of the evening. He also looked good. He's looking rather fit, and additionally he was wearing a really cute gold tie that Jenn picked out for him.

We had fun trying to avoid our crazy aunt and cousins. I can't believe my crazy aunt brought her 6 year old, who had a feaver and had a herpes outbreak in her mouth. The poor kid had this wicked looking sore on her chin, it was the size of a quarter. WHY do moms do that? Well, I did say she was crazy. Perhaps I answered my own question.

I had WAY too many drinks. I don't know why I did it. I really don't want to be that out of it again. I think I held it together pretty well, considering I had like 15 drinks and half of them were hard liquer. I could even walk in a straight line and do the nose touchy thing (I tried in the bathroom just to make sure). I was just really... really... REALLY relaxed. First time in a while all my muscles in my back wern't tense, and I danced without worrying about looking retarded (being totally uncoordinated sucks sometimes).

Aunt Hilde hit the bottle pretty good there too. Brian (the groom) danced with his mom to "Butterfly Kisses" and she cried through the song and was sniffly the rest of the night. Finally one of her friends dragged her out the door and made her get some air. She thought we were going to leave when my parents left and she told us we had to stay because there was too much booze left. I love that woman. Her dedication to the consumption of alchohol is to be admired.

Jenn was talking to mom's cousin's daughter, who was the same age, and we got her out onto the dance floor late in the evening, so Jenn came back to the motel with us. I'm not sure all the stuff I said in the car on the way home, I only vaugely remember, which makes me less inclined to ever drink that much ever again. I actually got up to the room under my own power and stuff, got undressed (with clothes strewn everywhere, I noticed the next day), washed my face, reconvined my procedure, then hit the hay.

Thus endeth the second day of vacation.

(more after I get these calls out of the phone queue)


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