Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Total eclips of my brain

I had an almost deja vu moment tonight when we were looking at the lunar eclipse and one coworker said "now, tell me, what's in front of what?" Then another coworker proceeded to bungle and get herself confused when trying to explain where the sun, moon and earth were in relationship to each other, and somehow ended up with the sun circling both the moon and the earth, or something.

Deja Vu moment:

When I was 5th grade, the girlscouts went to a planetarium one night for a field trip. Inside we saw a little presentation on the summer and winter skies in the area, and then the guide used his lazer pointer to point out constelations that we would be seeing when we went outside.

So we go outside, and the guide is saying look, you can see scorpio right there, and he's pointing. Some of the girls are saying they can't see it, and he says I can't use the pointer out here, you'll have to just follow my hand.

And this one girl asks, why can't you use it out here? The guide explains that it 'wont work.' The girl hands him her flashlight and says here, will this work better?

It was then that I realized I was smarter than all the other Junior Scouts.

I had to work real hard on both occations to NOT laugh mockingly at those around me :)


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