Monday, October 18, 2004

Waking Tammy up=bad

I thought that this was a lesson that had been already learned earlier in this marriage, but the behavior was sadly repeated this morning when the electricty went out. I had kind of aknowledged that the power was out because I always wake up when that happens (I can hear it), but I was too tired to care. About an hr later, James wakes up and figures out that the electricity went out and is now back on, and then starts talking about how we have to turn on the radio and get the time.

Of course, even still asleep, I can think of a way to get the time that won't wake me up--namely looking on my watch which is on the dresser, or the clock in the living room-- or even the computer in the next room. Waiting for them to say the time on the radio poses two problems: first it's going to be loud and waking me up until they say the time, and second, they don't say the time very often. James didn't seem to see this as a problem, oddly. And I said something about killing him (I can't remember the specifics--I was asleep) but he got mad and marched off. And I rolled over and had some of the best sleep I've ever had. --The End

P. S. I'm sorry I get so ticked off about getting enough sleep, but seriously--I get crazy when I go too long without getting a full night of sleep. Sadly I've been getting up early every day because someone calls, or we have to go to church or whatever. I really needed it. In fact, I may try to go back to sleep again right now.


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