Saturday, October 16, 2004

Why I Hate Personal Weblogs

Why I Hate Personal Weblogs

I am about half way through this, and I need to just stop reading. I've been listening to this audio book on artistic recovery from our own inner judges and negative thoughts that keep us from actually PRODUCING, and I haveta just stop reading this dude.

Yes, I know no one gives a damn about the stuff I'm writing here. But here's a major hint: if you don't like it, go to some other site :) Mostly this site is quicker and more accessable than my journal, as I can type away at it while I'm in the middle of other things.

Besides, think of all the stuff I SPARE you people. You don't have to suffer through my plot outlines, the questions for myself about characters, meaningless ideas that I have that will never pan out, characters talking to themselves and meaningless little adventures into my mind. Praise the Lord God above that I'm only kvetching about paper towel dispensers and stupid waitresses.

On a seperate note, I'm overbooking myself. I'm planning on going to Aldi's during lunch to get food for the week. I just do way too much stuff. How do I get around that?


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