Friday, November 05, 2004

Blah yucky

I stayed home from work sick today. I felt kind of cranky when I got up, and moved to certifyably whiney when it was time to take James to work. I decided to go to the gym because it's important for me to keep the routine, even when I feel cranky, because sometimes my crankiness is because of my depression, and exercize is good for the depression.

Ok, the gym ended up being a bad idea. First time around the circuit I felt like it was my second or third. Second time around I had to force myself to go the extra half time to make it a full workout, when usually I do three. I started out running at half speed, and dropped down to 1/3 my normal speed, then 1/4 my normal speed, but my heart rate was still up there. The lady at the desk must have thought I looked like I was ready to die because she asked what she could do to help. I told her I was just going to call it a day. She was very nice. When I was stretching, she brought me an energy drink and ordered me to drink it all. It did help a bit. Laying on the couch for like five hour helped even more :)

Got some more of the novel down even though I am still really zoinked. I probably was to impared to drive coming home from the gym and going to pick up James. I'm still all blah.



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