Wednesday, November 17, 2004


PopCultureShock :: Robin #132

1) I'm ticked they killed Jack Drake off for real. He had a lot of potential in his new circumstances. Yes, I knew deep down, he found out Tim's secret identity, that meant he was marked for death--but there're a lot of really cool relationship stories that could have been told in those circumstances. Lets put it this way--I'd have had a field day.

2) One of my favorite books is now running the risk of being rendered unreadable by the new artist. I actually Dropped Spectacular Spiderman because the art was so awful I couldn't even concentrate on the story--it just destroyed any and all pleasure I might have possibly derived from it.

3) While I'm intrigued by the Batgirl/Robin team up, I'm pretty sure they'll underexplore and underutilize it. Y'know, like they did with Jack knowing Tim's identity.

And that is why, chicken little, that the sky is falling.


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