Thursday, November 18, 2004

I know everything.

Yes, I know everything. I know how to fix everything.

Like 104.7's sudden fricking delema with having Rush on, starting at 12.
Of course, it meant they had to bump Niel Bortz to another station in their group, but no one's really complaining. However, they run Glenn Beck from 10-1pm.

One wouldn't think this'd be a problem considering Glenn's show is on a delay in Pittsburgh, and actually runs from 9-12.

Put Glenn on at his regular time, you say?? That'd be logic! Oh no! See Quinn and Rose run from 6am-10am. Of course, their last hour is just a repeat of their first hour, but for God's sakes, we can't move Quinn and Rose!

So now we have two hours of Glenn in the morning, and an hour at like midnight. And the crazy part is, it's not the hour we missed in the morning, it's a repeat of an hour we've already listened to!!!!

Ya see what I'm saying? I know everything.


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