Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I voted mostly Republican MOOO HA HA!

I am an evil, uncompassionate conservative. I believe in dirty water, unbreathable air, deforrestation (not to be confused with Deforest Kelly, God rest his soul), a bunch of things that're bad and evil. That's what being an evil conservative is all about. Oh yeah, and I'm a Christian. Did I mention I'm an evil Christian?? MOO HA HA. I am an axis of evil unto myself. I ALSO DONT RECYCLE!!! (It doesn't matter that they don't offer recycling in my area)

Except for a few things, like the race where there was no republican running. Or the senate race. I think my brother said it best: Magic bullet theory guy. I don't think so. Hey man, if Arlen Spector having been on the warren comission is the reason you are choosing not to vote for him, then, I guess that's a good reason LOL.


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