Friday, November 19, 2004

On Turning 25

Yes, today's the big day. I am quarter of a century old. Five score and stuff.

Thoughts... meh.

It kind of helps that James turned 30 yesterday. I've lived through his trauma at turning the big 3-0, and 25 is way less than that, so it's way less traumatizing.

I dunno. Been too busy to enjoy it, and the only two "people" to notice that my birthday was approaching was the calandar bot on yahoo groups and the computer at which you swipe in at the gym.

(Well, a friend did say happy birthday today, but the first two to notice yesterday were computers).

Maybe sun, and the actual party and stuff, I"ll get to relax and enjoy it.

God, I'm too high strung.


Blogger Abby said...

Ooh, sorry for the belated wishes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 25 is a great year so enjoy!

4:30 PM  
Blogger Gretchen said...

I'm always so excited to find new bloggers who are my age (everyone seems so much older and wiser to me!). I'll be 25 in five-ish months.

So, happy birthday to you! Now you can rent cars without "underage insurance" and get a 15% discount on car insurance. Enjoy!

10:39 AM  

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