Wednesday, November 03, 2004

When blogs get political.

So there was that whole election thingy yesterday, and stuff. Glenn Beck's gloatfest was kind of nice. I mean, one can only hear that everyone hates George Bush and no one supports him, and he's running the country into the ground so many times.

The left kind of used to be somewhere between far left and moderate, and the right used to be somewhere between far right and moderate, and now the left is really far left and the right is moderate. We're the same distance away from each other, just on a different place on the map. The left seems to think they're the norm, and the majority. And us rightwingers are overboard, on the fringe, totally out of touch with the country. I thought at first that maybe this'd send a message that the right isn't so far outside of reality, that we're not the bad guys, that we're people with a different philosophy on what needs to be done and how to do it. That lasted... oh until I got into work today. I have a lot of other blogs I read, and every single one of them that was actually updated was whining about the election. Ok, I can see being sore because your party lost. But I do not appreciate you calling those of us who voted against your candidate names. We are not evil, we are not stupid, we are not 'out of touch.' You are NOT better than us because you are a liberal.

Nor are you smarter than us. You are not SO much smarter than us, in fact, that you can actually run our lives for us. Nor are you the only ones who can save us from ourselves, and our own stupidity. Even though we voted against who you consider to be your intellectually superior, more empathetic cuter candidate, that does not mean that we are so stupid we need you to save us from our selves.

The country is not going to go down the shitter.

Here's the deal. I've spent a lot of time trying to bridge the gap between liberals and myself. Our morals are just vastly different. I think it'd be really cool if liberals stopped sticking up their nose at us (they think we're all a bunch of "rich" elitists... but look at most college professors; there's nothing quite like intellectual elitism) and try to figure out what we're about and try to bridge the gap for once.

I've been told I'm insensitive, I've been told I'm uncompassionate. I've been told I'm evil. I'm just a person trying to get closer to God and do what HE would have me do, and be a better person. That's my motivation behind the decisions I make in my life. I don't wake up and say 'how can i be evil and hurt someone today?' So writing us all off as evil is NOT an answer. Maybe, before you guys start casting stones, you should ask yourselves why slightly more than half of voting americans chose to side or identify themselves with the conservatives this time around, and why the pleas of Hollywood didn't quite cut it. Their morals arn't our morals... why are our morals our morals? Because we're close-minded bigots is not an answer.

Maybe now I can get on with real blogging.


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