Thursday, December 16, 2004

And it totally didn't suck

Went to rehersal for Sat's music, and I didn't know one song, but I've been reassured that it's on the tape. One thing I'm doing a capella, which I can handle, it's not that hard. Then we got into the "big" pieces. The ones that kind of make my legs tremble when I'm singing tem on an empty stomach. Which is kind of what happened. We did O Holy Night then the Ave Maria, and it was like *shaky shaky* and it was kind of hard because I almost couldn't hear the piano over the people socializing in the back of the room. There were only like five or six of them, and they were world-class chatty cathy's.

But I was expecting O Holy Night to go badly at my voice lesson and it went really well, and there was kind of a repeat tonight. Ave Maria and O Holy Night both went well. There were a few spots that were iffy but it was mostly because I wasn't warmed up and I was competing with the chatties. I'm astonished. Maybe I don't suck quite so bad after all.


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