Saturday, December 25, 2004

The bestest Christmas ever.

Wow, I have something good to write about. This is surely a sign of the end times. Be prepared to see Jesus coming back on a cloud at any moment.

I haven't done any real baking, my house is a mess, I haven't wrapped any of my gifts, I just discovered my sister already has something I bought her, I have yet another bill to pay and It's now after midnight on the 25th and I'm laying in bed, eating chunks of Toblerone. We didn't even keep to the tradition of opening presents after mass, nor did we even go to mass together.

However, it's been the bestest Christmas ever, so far.

1) James bought me the most adorable monkey. I think he's my favorte present of all time. Even beating out talking point #2. He personalized it for me, and did all kinds of crazy cool stuff with it becuase he was thinking about me, and stuff that I like and what I do and stuff. I am full of warm fuzzies. I don't think I've ever gotten a gift where someone has taken SO much interest into me before.

2) The camera. Yes, I got a digital camera. We now owe our souls to the credit card company, but this thing is sweet. And by sweet, I mean totally awesome. I had to totally take pictures with it tonight. Like totally. And I got a few nice ones of the church, etc.

3) Slytherin tie. James can wear this to work if he ever wants, but now I'm dying to get a collared shirt that'd look OK with a tie and wear this bad boy to work.

4) Chocolate, the gift of champions, Godiva at that.

5) A book I wanted to buy but was way too cheap to buy myself. And an awesome Italian cook book. I'm hoping James will learn how to make a dish or two.

6) An awesome decal that says "join the dark side," which I put right over top of the glowy apple symbol on my laptop.

7) He bought me perfume! The guy bought me perfume!!!!! I feel like a real girl and everything.

8) Two good cd's, one of them I didn't even know I wanted!!

And this is just all stuff he bought me. Just him. It's honestly all I've ever wanted out of Christmas all of my life. Not cool toys... just someone who loves me enough, and has his act together enough to pay attention to what I'm saying and what I like and want, and follow through. It really does make me feel wanted and loved and cared for. Which isn't always something that I've had.

9) The music went really well. We were at about 90 to 95% awesome, and the stuff that was less than awesome tonight was probably still unnoticable. Not to mention, I totally kicked O Holy Night's ass. Can you kick a song's ass? I think I've conquered it. Beat it like a red headed step child. Mom said the people were mesmerized. I dont know, I was too busy singing to really pay attention, but I know I did well, and It makes me feel good inside to think they were mesmerised.

10) Rita made pumpkin bread. Rita's a fantastic baker and I'll eat anything she makes. Gloria, who's just the sweetest old lady made Bananna nut bread and it looks so moist and yum yummy. Gloria gave us a clock for our wedding. She also said a novena for us. She's just so well-meaning. She even let Melissa ride horses when Melissa was sick, which mean the world to her.

11) I got some really pretty cards in the mail, and Elizabeth Jane the music director gave me a card with such a nice note on the inside. It's nice to see all that silly vocal training is actually noticed by someone :)

12) We had a scare with Louise in the choir tonight, and we're all glad she's OK. She's getting really senile and when we couldn't pick her up, we got really worried, fortunately she wasn't at home alone in trouble, she'd just fallen asleep and hadn't heard the doorbell or telephone.

13) I have a pretty tree, I got some more ornaments and nicknacks today, and I have stuff on the mantle, over the fire place that lights up and is sparkly, which I like.

14) I actually put Baby Jesus in the the nativity scene tonight. I didn't forget, then did it a zillion years later, nor did I lose baby Jesus. Now the wisemen are waiting ever so patiently for their shot.

15) I have a nativity, sad and glass though it might be. I'm hoping I can find a real nativity some day. One that isn't made in china and actually has sheep and stuff in it.

And I think that's all for now. I have to go to sleep, but I hope tomorrow is as awesome as today.


Blogger Gretchen said...

So glad it's been good so far. Merry Christmas!

12:53 PM  

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