Tuesday, December 14, 2004

No, I'm not a biggot. Just a hate monger.

I'm not a biggot. I do not hate people based on sex, race, creed, national origin, sexual preference or political affiliation.

I believe in hating people based upon individual merrit. And you see, dealing with the public, it is very easy to find new ways to hate people that're totally independant of these other outlying factors.

Like being an idiot. It is very easy to hate people incapable of higher brain functions, much less independant though. It's also very easy to hate people who expect others to do the thinking (and sometimes reading directions for them) to solve all of their problems. It's easy to hate people who solicit advice then promptly declare "no, that can't be it." (God bless sales staff at this time of the year)

It's very easy to hate people who drive like they're having an epeleptic fit while behind the wheel. It's very easy to hate people who crinkle candy wrappers while talking (loudly) on their cell phones in dark movie theatres. It's even easier to hate people who know I am gone, at work, even from 2pm-midnight, yet consistantly call my house, demanding to the answering machine that I pick up the phone.

People who talk on cell phones in restrooms cross racial boarders. People who send me e-mail forwards promising money if I forward to five friends span the distance of political parties and nationality.

Hate is so easy because there is just so much to hate. An increasingly large portion of society is so self centered they lack integrety much less any consideration for their fellow human being. I don't expect to encounter common courtacy when I can't even find a spine.

Passive-aggressive bull shit, intellectual elitism, moral superiority, thinking you can run my life better than I can. Morons who leave their dogs in the car on summer days, idiots who argue with their three year old at the mall because going to the Gap is more important than letting Susie take her afternoon nap. You know who you are, and you can consider yourself hated.


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