Thursday, December 23, 2004

T-minus 6 hrs and counting.

Yes, tonight it begins. The longest four days I've had to endure since, um... well, Easter.

We have what has been dubbed a "super-rehersal" tonight, which means an extra hr of rehersal with the choir, which I can't avoid going to because I've not even looked at any of the Christmas music yet, and it'd be nice to know what the heck I'm singing. Then there's going to be an hr of soloist rehersal time on top of that afterwords. I had to come into work like 3.5 hrs early in order to get time off to go to this shebang.

Then tomorrow we do something that I swore to God, heaven and earth I would not be doing: Christmas shopping.

Yes, I had 90% of my Christmas shopping done by Halloween. I had 95% done by Thanksgiving. I took care of MOST of my sibilings in the last week (in addition to the rest of the stuff I had gotten them already). There's just one little thing--James and I have failed to ge anything for EACH OTHER. Of course we're going to try to get him a new computer, and I may end up getting the camera I wanted (Like OMG, I want this camera so bad I have dreams about it at night), but I'm hoping we can also go to the mall and get some other stuff for each other. I wanna get him a hat, and maybe a game to play on his new computer (yes, a computer that's not a) five years old and b) deader than the parrot in that Monty Python sketch--it's gunna rock).

I have to also pick up my meds at the pharmacy because I'm both a louse and an idiot and didn't order or pick up my anti-depressant/ADD yummy pill salad because I want to make more work for the poor pharmacy people who're probably going to be going out of their mind with old people who need their refill RIGHT THIS FREAKING MOMENT and guys wandering around aimlessly looking for perfume and summer sausage.

And BOY does this story get better--I'm probably going to have to go into Oakland (death and distruction be upon yee who enter the city!) because James wants comics. I, personally, don't care about them becuase I have like 3 months of stuff to catch up on, half of which are Bat books, which I have always ALWAYS read first. It also kind of leads me to believe there's something wrong with me, or maybe it's just the seasonal depression or something, because how could I just not care about something I used to be insanely passionate about? Especially when those bastards killed Timmy's dad (see Identity Crisis) and made his step mom insane (see the last issue of Robin that I still haven't read).

But, wait, there's more. I said we'd go out to the mall at *gulp* 9. Which means we'll have to leave our house at *gulp* 8, because we're driving Jenn to work. *GULP!*

Then I have to do all this stuff, and be back in time to take a shower and get dressed for Mass. Mass is at like 8 or something (Remember when Midnight Mass was at MIDNIGHT??? I long for those days). We start singing at like 7:30, which means we're probably going to start practicing, etc. at like 6:30, but more realistically she's going ask us to come in at 6pm, because the handbell choir is going to be there, and I remember just how much chaos that was the last time I sang with them, and it was just me, the guitarist (shudder) the bell choir, and whatever craziness was going on between the organ and the bell choir.

This may be necessary to turn the following into a seperate post, but I'm going to just say it--singing with the bell choir is proof to me that Big Bang is a bunch of Big Bunk. I'd like to consider us organized organisms, capable of causing and creating order. And yet, it was just spiraling out of control so badly before mass and no one could seem to get a grip on everything and everyone. And you mean to tell me that inanimate matter and unsentient energy just exploded and after several million years somehow managed to create some sort of order in the universe? That 50,000 monkeys, if left alone for 50,000 years could produce shakespere?? Ok, we're smart people, and we couldn't even practice the chant with me and the bells at the same time because we had no idea what was going on.

**back to the here and now. Or tomorrow. Or whatever**

Soooo, then there will be the going of the home, the exchanging of the presents for each other, the wrapping of the presents for my family (I'm such a loser, I usually have that done in November--I blame the stupid novel that prevented me from doing anything like, y'know, loading the dishwasher during November and still isn't done), go to sleep, get up and go to 11 am mass because James is ushing, then come home, do whatever it is that normal people do on Christmas day (I think I've talked mom into doing Chinese food, I don't think anyone has the energy or stamina to cook at this point), visit my grandmother who's pretty ill, and then come home and crash.

So that we can, you guessed it, to it all again sunday. I'm going to 9am mass because I'm taking the girls to the ballet for their Christmas present.

Somehow, I'll drag my exhausted self home so that I can do something similar on Monday. I was taking Charlie and Jenn to the museum for their christmas present, and Monday may be the only day we all have off together. Now I'm thinking that theatre tickets might be better. For a day really far off so I have time to recover.

John wanted to trade my Wednesday shift for his Monday shift. Dude, I'm going to be way too wiped out to deal with the peepilz on Monday. I'll be lucky if I don't keel over and die at some point between now and then.

Thursday I have to give platelets, and somewhere in the midst of all this madness I have the delusion that I'm going to finish the novel. Obviously I'm deranged.


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