Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Teen sues over topless pictures in video game

Teen sues over topless pictures in video game

This story touched off a heated debate at work. They think this girl shouldn't have been taking her top off, the game company isn't liable, etc.

I think a) the girl shouldn't have been taking her top off if she didn't want anyone to take possibly incriminating photos of her, and b) the game company should have done their homework when they got the video from Girls Gone Wild (whom I don't exactly trust to do their homework in regards to who's legal and who's not). Therefore, I believe, since one party did not do their homework, they deserve whatever hard time they have coming. I'm not saying they deserve to lose the suit, or to have to pull their game (as repugnant as it may be)

I'm saying that when you don't do your homework, you deserve a hard time. It's like leaving my car unlocked and being surprised when something's stolen. I didn't deserve to have it stolen, but I left myself open to it. If I don't check to see what other books are out there, and publish something that could be constrewed as plagerism (whether the court eventually finds in my favor or not), I kind of deserve the hard time I got, becuase I didn't do my homework. Mercades Lackey doesn't let people post fanfiction of her work on the internet for this very reason--she got a hard time once, and she's covering herself from having future hard times. If you don't want a hard time, do your freaking homework. It's why most groups and organizations make you sign wavers if they're going to use your image or voice/comments for something. They don't want a hard time.

Is that too much to ask? That people do their freaking homework? I mean, I'd be chastized if I didn't do my research/cover my ass, and the two guys here at work just won't conceed that point.


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